A new perspective . . .

  This week I attended a three day workshop led by a truly inspirational photographer, Cheryl Jacobs.  Wow . . . what an amazing person and presenter she is.  Right now, I feel exhausted mentally and physically, and really can’t put the experience into words.  We had a huge range of creativity and personality in our group, and Cheryl could relate to every one of us with no problem.  It is eye-opening how she can listen to every single person in the group and just get to the root of their personal creativity and style.  I was fascinated with the process.  I think a lot of people walked away from that workshop rethinking how they will approach their future shooting.  She made it easier for us . . . in a way.  I walked away with information overflow.  Tomorrow I”ll be doing a lot of reflecting on the entire three days.

Here are some of my photos that came out of the workshop from the first day.   I still have to download the second days shoot so I may post those this weekend.  Enjoy!

Second modeling session for “I”

This past Wednesday, I scheduled a session specifically to catch a certain type of light.  I think I found it!!  My assistant (i.e. husband) is getting to be an expert at holding the reflector for me as well.  Here is "I" again (you know the one with the gorgeous eyes!).  He is interested in getting into catalog modeling eventually (Eddie Bauer, J.Crew, etc).  We plan on doing several mini modeling sessions around town to build up our portfolios. 

Img_1621awebImg_1626_1web_2 Img_1657aweb

Camarillo Library

Last month I traveled quite a bit to my hometown in Camarillo and back, so one weekend I decided to ask my mother if she would be willing to pose for me for more practice.  The new Camarillo Library had it’s Grand Opening the day before we took these, so we decided to use that location for our shoot.  It’s so gorgeous there!  They really did a nice job with the theme and all the wonderful decorations. I played around with these photos to add extra effects.  Hope you like them!


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A New Model

  Meet S everyone!  This is the grandson of a dear friend of mine.  That friend has also been an INCREDIBLE support to me and my startup!!  Her daughter-in-law agreed to have me torture her poor boy by running after him in the park with a camera attached to my eye .  S wasn’t feeling up to snuff during the session – he was just getting over a cold, but according to his Bubby (grandma) I was able to capture his sweet personality.  Enjoy!

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