E&D get hitched!

I still have some past sessions that I want to share.  I have been trying to time these posts to once a week or so, and that hasn’t been working!  Then we went on vacation (it was fun! more on that later).  I’m now going to just post whenever I darn feel like it! :D

But first here is the one shoot I’ve been pretty excited about lately!  In my last couple posts, you viewed images from E&D’s engagement session so now here are the images from their wedding!  I’m very excited to show these off especially because I’ve imagined taking these ever since I first met them.  I really enjoyed shooting their wedding so much that I have applied for a few more weddings in the upcoming months!  (This is in addition to the ones I already had booked)

First I want to thank E&D for letting my second shooter, Geoff, and I shoot their wedding knowing we had no experience prior!  We were ready to step up to the challenge, and boy did it pay off.  Second, I must thank Geoff!  We found that we worked rather well as a team, and were always on the same page.  I trust getting his second opinion on everything and I think the end product says it all.  I’ve already asked him to do more weddings with me in the future.

And back to E&D!!   For a day we were immersed in their world.  It is a pretty nice place there! :-)  Their circle of friends were extremely close, and we could tell how everyone adored E&D so much that they were pretty much their extended family members.  For any of you E&D friends and family reading this, you are in a wonderful spot to have them in your lives and I enjoyed chatting with some of you! I was quite honored that all of you welcomed us in to their most special day to share all the emotion and fun!

Congratulations E&D!! Hope you enjoyed your honeymoon.  This is just a tiny tiny sample.  I can’t wait to show you all of the proofs!