Welcome back B&J !!

     Now that they are back from their honeymoon, it’s time to view their beautiful wedding held last Saturday! First, I have to say that I’m pretty jealous of their cruise to Mexico while I was here moving and unpacking the house! ha ha!  Thank you B and J (and A!!) for letting me photograph your wedding. I had a great time and I hope you enjoy the images! Here is a sneak peek just for you!

The Grand Tradition

  There has been a lot going on in my little world lately!  Friday my husband and I moved into our new house from the tiny apartment that we had rented for the transition period between selling our condo and moving into the house.  We are loving the house as we get it set up just the way we want and we are still unpacking this week while I edit photos here and there.  I am loving having more space than that cramped apartment!!

This past weekend I also shot two beautiful weddings back to back, so my body was screaming at me by Monday!  Thank goodness I didn’t wear heels this time.  It was definitely worth it though!  On Saturday, B&J were married in Escondido, and they chose me to be their main photographer.  I will describe their wedding and post their images later this week when they come back from their honeymoon so they get first look!  For now, I’ll concentrate this post on the Sunday wedding . . .

On Sunday, I was a second shooter for Meghan Aileen Photography.  The wedding was at the Grand Tradition in Fallbrook, and the couple was just adorable.  What an amazingly gorgeous venue!  I am posting a couple photos in this post, but please see the album that I put together of some of my images so that you can see just how breathtaking this place was.  Look for K&J wedding album in the right hand column of my blog.  I had a great time shooting alongside Meghan.  I love her style while shooting and in images, and hope we can work together again!

Christmas in July?!

Yep, you heard me correctly!

I’m already thinking about the Holidays and starting to get my card designs ready!  I can’t wait to show you what I have up my sleeve :-)  Stay tuned for information on early bird specials and samples of this year’s cards!

Presenting one of my latest projects!

    This past May, I rounded up a group of local photographers and their families, and we headed to the beach!  I have yet to post those fabulous photos (lots of different models and lots of photographers at the beach = LOTS of fun!!).  I promise I will get back to those, .. . . and the many sessions I have yet to post!  argh . ..

Well, anyways this same group of photographers has been gung ho since that first meeting, and amazingly supportive of each other. We’ve even added some people since then.  I put a bit of time into planning good things for us down the road and envisioned a supportive group of local peers coming together.  I can see now this dream is coming true :)   Since the beach get together, we’ve had dinners, organized chats regarding photography, partnered up, helped each other with technical questions, bought supplies in bulk, and planned future meetings!   

Last night was one of my personal milestones for the group.  I had organized a workshop where one of my mentors, Ana Brandt, volunteered to drive down to San Diego from Tustin and bless us with her expertise in maternity photography.  The group raved about the workshop and we all got some amazing captures of our gracious volunteer mom-to-be, R, who is due on August 21st!  After the session, we headed to the Old Spaghetti Factory to chat more, and man did we chat up a storm!! The owner had to kick us out 1.5 hours after closing because there was no sign of us stopping HAHA!! 

Here are some of the shots I was able to get from last night. A special thank you to the incredible, and ever so generous, Ana Brandt, and our lovely model, R!!  Click on each photo to enlarge them to get a clearer image. Enjoy!


         This weekend I was second shooter at a wedding for Melissa Koehler.  She was so much fun to work with!  We’ll be working together more in the future at each others’ weddings.  She may be helping me with my next wedding on the 21st of this month.  I’m so looking forward to it!

070707 apparently was a HUGE date for weddings!! This one was held in the couple’s backyard, and there was another wedding across the street!  Melis sa gave me permission to post these on my site, so here is a preview while I edit the rest.  I may put another album up on the side so that you could see more.  The bridal party was large, but they were all so much fun and good looking!