I’ve been tagged! . . .

There is a game going around the internet world of photographers called "Tag"  If you are tagged, then you tell 8 things about yourself that not many people know about.  My friend, Rebekah, from Tenessee, tagged me so here is my contribution!

Eight things you probably didn’t know about me:

1.      I graduated as a bioengineer with a pre-medical degree.  I left the biotech field in March 2006 after 15 years of manufacturing, supervising, designing processes, analyzing processes, and managing processes to create therapeutics for specific medical conditions. 

2.      I played the piano from age 5 up until my first year of college.  I still own a piano and practice once in a while.  I would love to teach and/or get back to even half my talent that I left off with some day!

3.      My husband and I met through the internet!

4.      We have two 3 y/o dogs.  One Black Lab mix, and a German Shepard mix.  They are our babies – for now!

5.      We’ve run two marathons (Honolulu and LA) We would love to start running again now that we are almost settled in our new house in San Diego.  Probably stick to ½ marathons and less though!

6.      I am not a man . .  . nor is my name Mario J  I get a lot of mail or emails that start off as Mr. Marlo Yoshimoto or Mario Yoshimoto.

7.      I am half Japanese and half Filipina – my mother came directly from the Philippines

8.      My husband and I are SCUBA certified.   I have dove the Great Barrier Reef, Kauai, Maui, Belize

. . . prefer the warm water dives!  Would love to dive again.

There you go, 8 things about Marlo you may or may not have known!  Now I have to find 4 photographers to tag!

Ana Brandt

Skye Hardwick

Leah Simmers

Shannon Holden

The results are in!

We have finally selected the Dydee models and alternates.  All parents of the selected models/alternates have already been contacted in a prior email. Please read your emails carefully as to whether or not you are in the main group or an alternate!
Congratulations to those of you who will be posing for us this weekend! and a huge thank you for all the submissions for this campaign.  It was an extremely difficult task, and all of the judges now are cross-eyed ;-)  There are a lot of beautiful babies in Southern California!!

One from this weekend

  I went to a lovely wedding up in Mendocino this past weekend.   I still have the indian wedding to sort through and post; and of course the Dydee campaign to finish before I can start editing this one.  But I thought I’d give a sneak peek to those wondering . . . definitely more to come!!