I certainly hope everyone and their families are safe from the fires in Southern California.  We woke up this morning at 2:30am to the smell of smoke and sound of sirens running down the main throughway in our area.  My husband and I got up to make sure our home was fine, but then heard on the police loudspeaker that we were being issued a mandatory evacuation notice due to a brushfire just over the hill.  We were in the pathway of the Coronado/Discovery Hills fire which is one of the smaller fires out there and hopefully will not need to get any more press than it has received.  Well, my husband and I repacked the car (we had just gotten back from a weekend at my parents) and headed back to my parents home with our dogs.  We will probably return after the winds have died down a bit to see what the state of our area is.

I wanted to let everyone know that we are indeed safe, and that sessions this week will be postponed until San Diego is under control of the fires/winds/etc.  Again, we hope everyone is safe and sound and has a place to go if you are evacuated! 

Where do I start?

Many great things have been happening in the land of MYP (Marlo Yoshimoto Photography)! 

I recently exhibited my work at our neighborhood Expo.  There was a great turnout, and I met many of my own neighbors – which is wonderful having just moved in this past July.  I will start to post here where I will be next so that if you are interested you can swing by and meet me.  My next exhibit will be October 27th at an Escondido Elementary School for their Halloween Carnival.  Please email me if you would like more information about the event.  I hear over 2500 people attend!!

Also on the radar  . . . I will be holding Santa Mini sessions in November! Right now they are tentatively scheduled for Nov 11 and 17th.  I debated doing this because we all have experienced the “Mall Santa” photo . .. oh dear!   I plan to put a spin on this tradition and get some modern poses with Santa and the children. Just a hint of Santa’s gloved hand, or an exchange of expressions with Santa holding the child . ..not your typical sitting on the lap, line out the door 2 minute photo!  These sessions will be 20 minutes each, and by appointment only. I have special holiday collections created just for these sessions: session + holiday cards, session + all digital images, session + print selections, etc.  Please email me if you are interested and I will send you the information!

Holiday family portrait sessions . . . can you believe we are already into the holiday season??   If you are interested in taking portraits for your holiday cards, I need to get you in the books quickly!  Photo labs will soon be backlogged with holiday sessions, and I won’t be able to guarantee regular turn around times or even rush orders after a certain point.  I will be scheduling holiday sessions before 11/16.  Call me up for an appointment if you are interested!

Studio sessions now available!  I just finished putting together the studio after having moved, and I’m happy to announce that it is up and running now.  I am posting my first studio session below.  Beautiful D, had her session just this week! 

That’s it for now.  I will be back with more images next week!


Something different . . .

Well, it’s certainly been a while since I posted last!  Things have been amazingly busy here, and I will have a ton of images to post soon.  But for now . . . .

It’s my Birthday today and I’m feeling a little generous!  Email me at before midnight tonight, and wish me a Happy Birthday!    The first 5 to do so will receive one of the following:

1. One 8×10 from any previous session

2. A free sitting if you lock in your date within a week of today

3. A free parents album with any collection, if you lock in your wedding within a week of today

Hope everyone has a fantasic day!!