I often get asked the question of what a storyboard is.  A storyboard ranges from one image to a collage of images within a square or rectangular shape.  I like to use natural and candid images to tell the story of the special event that is being photographed. I can color in the border to match the color of your images, and add in custom text.  The text can be one word such as a name or word, or a quote that you prefer.  Usually I will design one up from images of your session to give you an idea of what it would look like. 

I’ve decided to post some examples as I create them to help you see just what they are! 

First up . … Here is a gorgeous one of a family beach session held at the end of October!


Spooky Sessions

Halloween is a fun night for me. I love seeing all the costumes and meeting the neighbors.  We didn’t have time to decorate this year, but fully plan on going all out next year!!  Last night as we passed out treats for Halloween, we also had some “special” treats for the parents.  I also took 2-3 photos of some of the children in costumes, and will be giving all the families a free 5×7 of the image of their choice.  I called them Spooky Sessions and wanted to do something different for people in my area.  It was so much fun, I plan to do this on an annual basis!

Most kids ended up taking the candy and running to the next house before I could ask their parents if they wanted photos, so I was disappointed that I couldn’t snap more photos!  Hopefully next year I will be able to have the kids wait just a second longer before running away! 

Thank you to all the parents who did stop by and enjoy the “treat” and session!  It was a pleasure you, and I hope that you stop by next year as well.  Let your friends know to come by.

I didn’t take model releases to speed up the sessions, so I won’t post any of the children here unless their parents give approval.  Let me know and I’ll post a couple!! 

Below are a few photos of a session I did just the day before though of a little ladybug. Her mom did sign the release. :)