OK you asked for it! Calling all babies 0-4years!

My second product campaign of the year will be for Wagamama Baby!  I will be photographing babies and tots using their Japanese inspired Baby Zabu™ floor cushions.  Check out the link (click on the company name above), because I love their designs!!! Very chic and modern!  These cushions can be used on a bare floor, outside on the grass or patio, and even folded up to fit in a playpen or crib.  Baby Zabus™ can be found online or at a variety of babies and children’s boutiques.

Wagamama Baby has several new designs that they will be launching this year, so we will be using the images from this campaign to update their website and provide brochures and displays for their clients.  Models who are selected will receive the free modeling session and one 8×10 of their choice from Marlo Yoshimoto Photography.  They will also receive 40% off from their choice of a Baby Zabu floor cushion!  So send in those submissions!

Model Requirements

  • We are looking for up to 4 babies and tots in total.  One from each of the following categories: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, ~2 years, ~3 years
  • Timeframe for the shoot is the second week of February (we are still awaiting product in order to lock in the actual dates)
  • Must love cameras J
  • Smiles easily or is generally happy
  • Can be entertained easily by a book or toy or song – newborn can easily be put to sleep (sleep not necessary, but preferred)
  • Parent or Guardian present at the time of the shoot to sign a waiver on the model’s behalf

Submission Requirements

Please submit the following to msyosh@gmail.com if you are interested in this campaign!  (Complete entries will be honored first)

  • Your baby’s name and birth date in the subject line of the email
  • Photo of your child
  • Availability for 2nd week in February – possibly 3rd
  • General temperament
  • Ability to be entertained/lulled to sleep
  • Name of Parent/Guardian
  • Your phone number where we can reach you

Please have your submission in by 1/25 so we can choose and contact models.  We’d like to have all chosen by 1/31.

Happy New Year! (and model call preview)

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I am really looking forward to 2008. 

It seems like some of my resolutions are the same every year- the exercise, eat healthier type.  My husband just joined up with a marathon training group (this will be his 3rd), and I will be training along with them up to 15 miles (I have completed 2 but only want to run 1/2 marathons from here on out!) I am always looking at healthy foods and recipes as well, so I’m hoping to put my recipes in some sort of order and gather some new ones to increase our experience! 

There are a couple new resolutions for 2008 as well.  I’m hoping to work on putting our house together now that we are moved into what we hope will be our home for a long, long time.  There are a few particular pieces of furniture we need to buy for in 2008 and I hope I can find some time to decorate more! 

Another resolution is to be able to enjoy this home we are putting together – so I will be taking two days off each week.  Right now those days are Sunday and Monday.  As soon as 2007 holidays started I took some time off. I cannot believe that I didn’t take any days off since August 2006!!   Photography is so much fun for me, and I love learning more every day, but I have made a committment to myself for some down time each week starting today.  On the business side of things, I hope to have an even more streamlined workflow, and I will be launching a ton of new projects.  (thus more model calls!) 

A couple of examples of model calls coming up quickly . ..

  • I will be looking for 0-4 year olds very shortly for a February product shoot.
  • Then from the end of January through March I hope to launch my young adults portfolio.  I will be asking for 15 to 21 year olds to volunteer for sessions.  There will be special rewards and freebies for those who are selected!  For my young adults project, you will be required to have a parent or guardian sign your model release as well if you are 18 or younger.  One thing I hope to incorporate into the sessions is a stylist – if anyone knows of an aspiring or established hair designer or make up artist (or both!) please contact me as well!

If you know anyone in these age ranges, please contact me for more details!

Here is to a happy and prosperous 2008!