San Elijo Hills Middle School – Golf Tournament

This past weekend I helped sponsor a Golf Tournament fundraiser for our local middle school. The event was organized by my friends TK and Karen Smith from the Fountain Media Group and they pulled it off flawlessly!  It was a good opportunity for me to meet new neighbors, spend a day in the sun avoiding golf balls (ha!), and watch the live auction in action! 

The winning team was the Houston Team.  Cheers! Congratulations to all the winners – especially Closest to the Pin which was sponsored by Marlo Yoshimoto Photography!  You can view more photos here on the tournament website.

Online galleries temporarily on hold!

I think I contacted all those who are affected, but just in case I’ll put a global message out here too.  I just canceled my old online gallery host, so I’ve taken the form off this site.  This means that all old galleries have been purged.

On the flip side, I have been continuing to create new online galleries for recent clients and those who just missed ordering at the transition. These will be posted online with my new website, which is due to go live any day now.  Once this is up and running, I will contact all of you with your new log in information.

The website will have the bare minimum, but it’s main purpose for the short term is to view those galleries!  I am very close to having my portfolio and all my business information complete, so that will be up soon after.

Stay tuned!

Watch out mom and dad . . .

Meet Miss T! She’s all-around athletic, shy, and has some great clothes!  I think the most fun I have been experiencing with this young adult promo is picking out what to wear.  It’s like going shopping and dressing up your model.  Fun stuff!

I had a hard time choosing which images to post from this session.  Lovely Miss T said she never looks good in photos . . . well I beg to differ!  Did you see that gorgeous green dress yet?  We had a lot of fun running around for hours, and I wish I could just post them all!  Thanks for a great session, T!

:: an amazing tribute ::

Those who know me well know I won’t discuss politics, religion, or controversial subjects unless it comes up naturally or people who I am close to ask me. Regardless of what yours or my stance is on the war in Iraq, I’m sure you would agree that our military deserves much recognition and support.  For those who have fallen, I have wondered what kind of tribute has been given.  Those families have suffered the most from the war and our heroes should be remembered.

I just finished viewing one of the most amazing tributes I’ve seen given to a fallen hero for his family.  I was in tears at the end of the slideshow and want to share it with you.  This fallen hero’s tribute was wonderfully captured and artistically designed by a fellow photographer (who I am a huge fan of), Matt Nicolosi.  Please click the link below . .

:: thank you Dustin Jackson ::


:: blog reorganization ::

You might have noticed that I changed a few things around in the blog today. 

The online gallery form has been removed.  I will be temporarily be using password protected albums for upcoming galleries until my formal website is out.  I cancelled my old vendor after a year, and can’t wait until I can get the new site up!  If you have any orders you would like to place, please send me an email with your order for now!

My email link has been moved to the top of the left hand column because people were having a hard time finding it. Hopefully this will make it more visible.

Also added in the left hand column is a list of product clients that I have or currently am working with.  I would like to show off their great products!  Some clients used my photos for printed brochures, and others for website photos.  I’ll showcase the publications in a future post as soon as I receive a copy of them.  For website clients, I will announce here when their website is complete with formatting and uploading of new images! 

Moved my announcement and card templates to the bottom of the right hand column.  I will highlight 2008 holiday templates when the time comes.  All 2008 clients will be able to use an image from their sessions to use towards their holiday cards this year!  Be sure to book your portrait sessions early to beat the rush.  All of my Saturdays through July are already booked up!

Last thing . . . I now have a "categories" list on the right hand side.  If you are interested in only looking at MYP news, click on that link to sort only the model calls, new and up coming promos, updates for MYP, etc.   If you are interested in only seeing baby and maternity images, click on the baby/maternity link, and it will filter all other posts out.

I’m striving to make it as easy as possible to navigate around this site, so any suggestions would be great too!