Tiring but very productive weeks!

I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind the past couple weeks, but now I can finally sit down and process some of the information and photos that have been waiting for me! 

I’m most happy about a training seminar I attended on Monday.  If you remember back when I posted about the Special Kids Photography Association, I finally found a seminar close to home and jumped on it!  It was an all day seminar with a written exam learning about different disorders that we could possibly run into and what we need to consider as photographers.  More importantly it taught us to be kind and respectful.  You would think that this is common sense, but the organization was created shortly after one mother searched for a photographer to commemorate the first year of her child with a special need.  She wanted to have beautiful photos as a milestone of the hardships they went through and the strength of her child struggling through the year.  When she approached her first photographer, she was turned away from a photographer because of "the way her child looked".  Immediately she stopped her search, and decided to start a non-profit foundation to educate photographers on special needs.  In my own heart, I believe every photographer should have to go through one of these workshops and be accredited.  Photographers who worked as special ed teachers on the side were even there to learn what they would need to be aware of. 

My next step towards accreditation is to submit photographs for evaluation.  Please contact me at marlo@msyoshphoto.com if you know a family with a child who has special needs and I’d be glad to give them a complimentary session for volunteering to help me out with my accreditation! I’ll take the first 5 families who submit their information to me.

Happy Anniversary!

This family was one of the most genuinely nice families I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this summer!  Grandma and Grandpa had just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, and the family decided to commemorate this period in their lives through images at San Clemente Pier.  How fun are these photos??

We got this jumping shot on the first try!

Happy Anniversary to a very lovely couple!