Leslie & Adrian – Balboa Park

Congratulations to Leslie and Adrian on their engagement!! I’m so excited to be photographing their wedding next May.  Today we went out to Balboa Park and Coronado for their engagement photos, and I couldn’t wait to try out this idea! Here is a sneak peek of their awesome session.  Thanks so much for being such a fun and willing couple!!  I’ll post more later.


Longboard Luau – Scripps Pier, La Jolla

     This year I was asked to volunteer with the annual Longboard Luau Invitational!  Different corporations gather employees, family members and friends to create a surfing team for the event.  They are also assigned a “legend” surfer for their team.  These legends are well-known, award winning surfers from around the world.  After the surfing competition, all guests enjoyed a lovely luau and the awards ceremony!

More importantly this event raises funds to help fight cancer by supporting Moore’s UCSD Cancer Research center.  This year they raised over $500,000 for the center.  UCSD is also my alma mater, so it was more than an honor to volunteer my time and photography to this event.

Below are some images of the event as well as a summary from the co-chairs of how well the Invitational went! (click on the link at the very bottom!)



Img_0200_3 Img_0259_3

Img_0035_2 Img_0096_2Img_0354_3 Img_0380

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Family time

Over the labor day week we had my parents, my sister and her husband visiting with us.  I was especially excited to see my sis and brother in law because they are expecting a bouncy baby boy in December!  This will be the first baby in our immediate family.

I’m super bummed that we won’t be able to be in Canada for the baby’s actual birth, but we timed our tickets to ensure maximum baby time :)  It was a little early to take maternity photos, but we managed to get her growing belly in some shots.   

Img_1633 Img_1683 Img_1740

Img_1759 Img_1872