How I View: My Favorite Things

This month’s blog circle topic was a fun one for me, although I did worry about whether this would come together cohesively or be just one hot mess.  But then again – I can be a hot mess at times, so maybe it’s fitting!!  Throughout the month I tried to “see” what my favorite things are in my every day life.  I would run to get my camera and snap away thinking – well – I will store that in the library of favorite things and just keep collecting.  I know that if I’m absolutely obsessed with something, they probably are a favorite thing of mine!  Here is a LONG list of my favorite things that I was able to spot in June.  (Lists are also a favorite thing!!)


If you know me – you know that I’ve been ultra obsessed with running this year!  In 2002, I completed my first marathon in Honolulu.  I did a couple races in the following years, but then something always seemed to come up to prevent me from continuing until recently.  I trained for my first half marathon in January this year – Disney’s Tinkerbell 1/2 marathon.  Since then I’ve run 2 more half marathons and earned a Disney Coast to Coast medal.  I have another half marathon coming up this Sunday, and then another planned for September with my sister for a total of 5 half marathons this year!  I’ve already signed up for my first half in 2014 as well.  Yeah, how can you not call that an obsession? :D
Why do I run?  My training locations and mostly the medals!  Can you see why?005lake-wIMG_1250w

These girls are not technically puppies, because they are already 10 years old!  But they will always be “my puppies”.  I have been obsessed with them since I first took them home, through training/feeding/cleaning up after/ and loving on them.  I don’t know what I would do without them because they make me smile whether I expect it or not. <3




Huge huge obsession with food this year – but it’s coupled nicely with health.  I have been working closely with a nutritionist since February working towards goals which include feeling better, gaining energy, and as an added benefit – losing weight so I can feel + look better, and run faster.

I’ve watched my carbs and processed foods in the past, but I never really understood how much more was worth monitoring until I started working with my nutritionist.  I cannot tell you how much I value his program and what it’s done for me.

I’m currently planning meals 1 month in advance, cooking from scratch and tweaking recipes to match how we want to eat, eating mainly vegan, eating organic foods from our garden, avoiding anything processed or with additives.  As a result, I’ve lost 20 lbs, sped up my running pace and I’m continuously reaching new PRs, I feel better, I have a ton more energy, and I don’t even look twice at the old foods I used to eat.  I’m pretty ecstatic about this lifestyle change!


Garden list – strawberries picked fresh from the garden – what our veggie bowl looks like every day!

IMG_1171w IMG_1179w IMG_1185w


Vegan Pesto Potato



This was an impromptu dinner that I threw together.  I didn’t used to cook like this before!  Edamame, Bok Choy, pine nuts, green onion, napa cabbage- sauteed in soy sauce (can use tamari for gluten free), lemon, dash of sesame oil.IMG_1209w IMG_1211w

A recent obsession of mine is taking health and food to the next step.  Researching raw foods and trying different foods that I’ve never had before.  This was a mint chocolate chip smoothie – yum!  I didn’t add any sugar because I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible, but if you were used to sugar – stevia would probably work nicely!


My favorite mug :)  I used to drink a lot of regular coffee with creamer from this mug.  Now I use it for decaf with coconut milk, or green/black/herbal tea.mmugw



They are some of my favorite flowers – especially in the home! This one was a gift from one of my friends who stayed with us recently.IMG_1222w



I remember two years ago, I tried a pay it forward on my birthday – I was going to do that many (my age) gestures in a day, but I never got that high LOL  I ended up doing around 10 that day including handing the Starbucks barista my free birthday coffee and telling her to give it to the person behind me.

My good friend did a creative pay it forward and ended up giving me this beautiful necklace with a key, lock and heart charm with me and my husband’s initials etched in it.  IMG_1237w

I kid you not – I have a drawerful of all different colors of fuzzy, soft, some aloe infused socks!


This is my most embarassing one . .  . as I was cleaning one day, I knew this fit the obsession category of favorites.  I have stacks of magazines lying around everywhere.  Real Simple, Time, Runner’s world, and a handful of fashion mags.  I love to tear out tips, recipes, etc and make inspiration folders.  This stems from my pre-Pinterest days! With Time I just love to read about what’s going on around me. So this pile shows me just how far behind I am in reading all these subscriptions :(  All of my subscriptions are cancelled until I can catch up LOL

And one of my favorite all time movies . . . I laugh so hard and cry whenever I see this.  Every.single.time!


Whew! If you made it that far, I applaud you :)  Thank you for letting me share my long list of favorites!  Next in the circle is the very talented Julie Mak!  Check out her favorite things here!