How I View – Secret Santa!

During the holidays, our Blog Circle of super talented ladies decided that we wanted to do a secret santa exchange.  We all hopped onto Elfster, set the limit, and did the random draw. I had a blast choosing what to get for my recipient!! From what I already knew about her and a few other tidbits from her blog, I was able to find her what I thought was the perfect gift!!  I’ll save that for later, but for now – here’s how it all went down for ME! LOL

My secret santa sent me a gift before the holidays – and I totally forgot that I had given out my business mailbox address . . . oops!! I picked it up the day after Christmas (sorry Secret Santa!!) and couldn’t wait to open it!  I knew we were going to post this blog – and I’m the most impatient person in the world when it comes to Christmas gifts. . .so I mustered up as much patience as I could to NOT open the package before I photographed it.IMG_0296

Then I tore into that brown envelope and here’s what I found!!IMG_0299

Zipfizz is a powder that you mix with water for energy!!  I used the pink lemonade for my next long run.  It was tasty, and kept me hydrated and alert for my 7 miles.  I didn’t need to take my energy gel that day!IMG_0300

There was also a little package all wrapped up with a bow . . . I couldn’t really understand the note that came with the gift very well either before I opened it.  I was DYING to know what was in it while I was taking photos of it.

Have you ever heard angels singing? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what happened when I saw THIS:

Yep! That, my friend is an Easy-Macro!!  You use it with your phone to take macro photos.  Yes MACROS!!!  I think my husband thought I hurt myself when he heard me scream after I realized what it was!

Here is the result of my phone photography using the Easy Macro during one of our walks around a nearby lake.  I have to admit – I HATE my phone’s camera. My phone is 5-6 years old, and I desperately need a new one! It takes about 24587923 seconds to actually take a photo . . . *sigh*  But when I strapped this Easy Macro on, I waited that 24587923 seconds and here’s what I got!!  Scroll through the gallery to see all 14 photos.


Thank you Secret Santa!!! The gift is PERFECT, and I LOVE it!!!!

Want to see what I got MY secret santa recipient????  I hope she LOVES it!!!  Find out what she thought of it here!