How I view: Literature

I’ve been a little silent lately in social media, so I thought I’d take this time to announce that I’m in the midst of a makeover!  I feel like it’s actually a whole person makeover involving health, goals, business, life . . . but for now, I will just say that my blog and website are undergoing a much needed facelift!

I’ve recently been taking courses with a fabulous group of photographers who have recently or are in the process of creating or making over their sites as well.   It’s been a long, arduous process, but we are persevering!  In the end, we have become a great support network for each other. I now need to find time to finish up my design and launch that in the next couple months.  So you’ll just have to hang on a bit more for that ;)

This same group of photographers decided to start a blog circle. A fantastic idea where each month we will showcase our interpretation of a monthly theme, and challenge our artistic eye.  Through this collaborative project we hope to continue to grow creatively with our photography and share our talents with you!

This month we focus on how we view: literature



“This started as a tough assignment, so I started by looking in our bookshelves . . . “

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“This of course is a circle, so please visit Brennan Delaney Lanter’s  blog next for her take on literature!”  CLICK HERE





November Sky- Carlsbad

One of the perks of my job is that I get to see a sunset almost every day!  Here is one from this past weekend at the end of one of my sessions.  The man on the beach was also taking a photo of the glorious sky!

I have a ton of sessions that I need to post from this season, the holiday events, and also from earlier in the year.  I have been wanting to put up my wedding site as well, but haven’t found the time this year.  I’m definitely thankful for all my clients this year for keeping my business growing!  Once things start to slow down from the holiday rush, I will start to share past sessions here.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!



:: an amazing tribute ::

Those who know me well know I won’t discuss politics, religion, or controversial subjects unless it comes up naturally or people who I am close to ask me. Regardless of what yours or my stance is on the war in Iraq, I’m sure you would agree that our military deserves much recognition and support.  For those who have fallen, I have wondered what kind of tribute has been given.  Those families have suffered the most from the war and our heroes should be remembered.

I just finished viewing one of the most amazing tributes I’ve seen given to a fallen hero for his family.  I was in tears at the end of the slideshow and want to share it with you.  This fallen hero’s tribute was wonderfully captured and artistically designed by a fellow photographer (who I am a huge fan of), Matt Nicolosi.  Please click the link below . .

:: thank you Dustin Jackson ::


:: tapas anyone? ::

As anyone who knows me, I am a very adventurous eater.  I love experiencing different cultures by tasting the wide pallette of flavors and spices out there!  (although I’m not a fan of extremely hot chile spices, I love wasabi mustard hot, and love spicy in the terms of flavorful spicy . . . ).  I’ve decided to write about more of my food adventures as they come up, since San Diego is filled with many different amazing eateries!  If you have any suggestions on great places to try out anywhere in San Diego county, please by all means leave a comment here or email me!! I would love to try them all eventually :-D

I got off the phone after an hour and half chat with my girlfriend today (does that length of time still constitute a chat?).  She reminded me of this past weekend when we all went out for happy hour.  We had been talking about going to tapas for a long time prior, and she finally introduced me to one of her favorite stomping grounds, Costa Brava in Pacific Beach.  If you aren’t familiar with tapas, they are small plates of Spanish food that you eat as you enjoy the company of friends.  Basically they are appetizer sized portions where you can try many different bites of flavor instead of ordering an entire meal of one type of food.  The selection there was a mix of authentic Spanish tapas and of course your Americanized trendy versions.  I tried one authentic plate – tortilla espanola – a spanish potato omelet with onion and egg.  It was on the bland side, but still had a lot of flavor.  It was a nice addition to the other foods we tried.  The patatas a la brava – spicy potatos – weren’t as spicy as I thought they would be, but they were so flavorful. This is my friend’s favorite dish there (and now my husband’s too).  They also had a special which was a skewered filet mignon – oh that was pure heaven!  We had over 10 dishes that we shared and a pitcher of sangria.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night!!  I only wish I had brought my camera along.  Next time, next time . ..