How I view: Literature

I’ve been a little silent lately in social media, so I thought I’d take this time to announce that I’m in the midst of a makeover!  I feel like it’s actually a whole person makeover involving health, goals, business, life . . . but for now, I will just say that my blog and website are undergoing a much needed facelift!

I’ve recently been taking courses with a fabulous group of photographers who have recently or are in the process of creating or making over their sites as well.   It’s been a long, arduous process, but we are persevering!  In the end, we have become a great support network for each other. I now need to find time to finish up my design and launch that in the next couple months.  So you’ll just have to hang on a bit more for that ;)

This same group of photographers decided to start a blog circle. A fantastic idea where each month we will showcase our interpretation of a monthly theme, and challenge our artistic eye.  Through this collaborative project we hope to continue to grow creatively with our photography and share our talents with you!

This month we focus on how we view: literature



“This started as a tough assignment, so I started by looking in our bookshelves . . . “

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“This of course is a circle, so please visit Brennan Delaney Lanter’s  blog next for her take on literature!”  CLICK HERE





Sweet Sixteen {Carlsbad Photographer – K1Speed}

Madelyn just had her “kinda”, “sorta” 16th birthday party in October! Her actual birthday is in April during spring break, and that’s when families travel or have other plans. So this year she wanted to have her birthday at the 1/2 year mark! Smart girl!

We headed to K1Speed in Carlsbad where she had a DJ, cupcakes, candy, and a trillion of her closest friends to help her celebrate! Unfortunately, no one wanted to race during the time I was there, but they did want to DANCE! That’s more my style!

Hope you had a great time at your party, Madelyn! Happy almost sweet 16th birthday to you!

Jones Sisters | San Diego Family Photography

It was such a delight to photograph these 3 sisters!  The eldest, Lindsey, was a wonderful big sister and took great pride in watching over her younger siblings and helping out with the session.  I didn’t recognize her, but it turns out that I had photographed her before at the SEES father daughter dance!  Middle sister, Charlotte, was a riot!  She was playful and so very energetic! We finally got her to sit still by having her count to 10 and then she was off again!  I was able to capture a ton of crazy expressions from her and loved her great big smile!  Baby sister, McKenna, was just happy to be! She too had big smiles and occasionally a tasty hand in mouth. McKenna is still learning to sit upright, so she would fall over slowly as she was watching me … I love those leaning tower of baby poses!  ;)

Pure Joy! {North County San Diego – child portraiture}

SOMEBODY had fun at her session today!! My heart sang when I saw this image :)  More of this session coming soon!