About Marlo Yoshimoto

me: marlo yoshimoto | photographer, owner

birthplace: southern CA {yes, I’m a native!}

college: UC San Diego, bioengineering, premed {what?}, and NY Institute of Photography {oh! ok!}

how long have you been doing this?: since 2006 professionally, although I’ve always had a camera in my hand wherever I went. I have boxes and boxes of old images and negatives to prove that!

why did you become a photographer? Every photographer has an enormous passion behind their art. That’s the beauty of photography. I don’t think I’ve met one person who did it just for the work! The reason *I* love photography is because I can go back to old images time and time again, reliving the moments passed. When I was young, every time I visited my grandparent’s home, I would pull every single album out to see their lives with 5 children unfold before me. {heck, I still do that when I visit!} It was magical knowing that every person in those images were either related to me or somehow had an impact on my family. It was magical wondering what it would be like to be living at a different time – how people interacted with each other – the clothing styles- what kind of burdens they had compared to now. Photos not only bring back memories, but they trigger others to tell their stories and unleash an entire world of great moments to imagine, remember, and pass on. Photos are simply magical . . . :)

what is your style? My style focuses on the relationships and bond you have with the rest of your family. Although I may take a traditional posed image of you to start your session, those are really to warm us up for the emotional and bonding shots that appear in the bulk of your session. I would rather have you remember how much happiness that newborn bundle of joy brought you, that wonderful giggle or wobbly run of your child and how it made you smile the widest, the accomplishment and hope you carried during your final year in high school, how grown up your baby has become during their final year in high school, how your fiance adoringly gazed at you before your wedding date, how you teared up while you said your vows . . .

what makes your business/product so unique?: I cater directly to my clients and personalize their sessions. I pamper my clients. I want your experience to be above and beyond what you’ve experienced before! Photos, to me, are essential. Even more so, the best preservation of images is essential. That is why my business is focused around finding the best products you can find to preserve your prints for many years. I handpick only the best, highest quality labs and products to offer with your images.

how do you balance your business with your family? This is something I still struggle with, because I love to spend time doing both. Through my first two years of the business my family and I realized I would be almost non-existant in order to succeed. That rang very true! Now that I’ve established MYP, I’ve decided to put a limit on the number of sessions and weddings I do per month so that I can put the highest quality editing and time towards each and every one of my clients, as well as my family. My clients are very important to me, which is why limiting the number will also help me give you the highest quality creativity and service I want to be able to give you. Pampering is not out of the question!


I look forward to chatting with you about your ideas for your portrait session, wedding, or commercial projects. Each client has a different vision in mind and I would love to work together in order to personalize your experience whether it be in studio style, at your home, or on location from San Diego to Ventura County.

My specialties are maternity/newborn, seniors, and wedding photography. I also photograph children/teen, families, boudoir, commercial products and events. Please contact me to set up a consultation where we can go over the details of your session!

♥ Marlo