Sweet Sixteen {Carlsbad Photographer – K1Speed}

Madelyn just had her “kinda”, “sorta” 16th birthday party in October! Her actual birthday is in April during spring break, and that’s when families travel or have other plans. So this year she wanted to have her birthday at the 1/2 year mark! Smart girl!

We headed to K1Speed in Carlsbad where she had a DJ, cupcakes, candy, and a trillion of her closest friends to help her celebrate! Unfortunately, no one wanted to race during the time I was there, but they did want to DANCE! That’s more my style!

Hope you had a great time at your party, Madelyn! Happy almost sweet 16th birthday to you!

November Sky- Carlsbad

One of the perks of my job is that I get to see a sunset almost every day!  Here is one from this past weekend at the end of one of my sessions.  The man on the beach was also taking a photo of the glorious sky!

I have a ton of sessions that I need to post from this season, the holiday events, and also from earlier in the year.  I have been wanting to put up my wedding site as well, but haven’t found the time this year.  I’m definitely thankful for all my clients this year for keeping my business growing!  Once things start to slow down from the holiday rush, I will start to share past sessions here.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!