Find Your Dream Dress

Hi Loveys,

With wedding season speeding along right about now, it seems like the perfect time to talk about dresses! I LOVE looking through our weddings and seeing each of our bride’s in such gorgeous dresses that seem as if they were made just for them! They don’t get there easily. I’m sure seeing how amazing they look in their wedding photos makes the wedding dress search seem oh so worth it! Here are my top tips for finding your dream wedding gown…

Finding the one. That’s a bride’s mission throughout the entire wedding planning process. Of course you’ve found the man of your dreams, now you need to find the dress of your dreams. But how do you do that with so many options out there? Each bride has a different vision for her day and the dress is a huge part of that!

It seems like they keep coming up with new styles to add to the mix, making the already overwhelming search that much more difficult. And how hard is it to decide if the dress you think you love is actually THE dress with thousands and thousands more out there you have yet to lay your eyes upon? The answer? Keep it simple!

There are six basic silhouette styles of dress, Empire-Waist, Mermaid, A-Line (Princess), Ball Gown, Basque-Waist and Sheath. Each bride should try on a basic dress in each style and decide which you like your body in. Of course, certain styles are recommended for certain body types, for example, if you’re pear shaped, and Empire-Waisted dress might look best on you.

Some women are set on getting a certain dress…until they try it on and see that it just doesn’t look quite right on them. And some women would never event think to wear a certain style dress, until they’ve seen themselves in one. This is beyond common! Having a good idea of styles or silhouettes you like is a great way to help narrow down the search, but having too much of a closed mind will possibly cost you your dream dress.

Kristyn’s Find-Your-Dream-Dress Tips:

Have an idea of what you like: simple, loud, color, bling, veil, no veil…

Try different styles & silhouettes until you know what you want

Bring examples of what you like to your appointment, but don’t expect to get the exact dress from the picture

Never try a dress on that is out of your budget – you will fall in love with that dress and be extremely disappointed or break the bank.

Be Open – you might not know what you look best in or what you might like once its off the hanger and on you!

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